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HCMx Radio 72: Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of HR

In this edition of HCMx Radio, Sean Pomeroy, founder and CEO of Visibility Software shares his predictions of how we will operate in the workplace over the next 10 years. Visibility Software is a provider of Cyber Recruiter (talent acquisition-ATS) and Cyber Train (talent development-LMS) software solutions. Artificial Intelligence will be applied everywhere – organizations that were early adopters will be moving on to the next wave of tech innovation. Think back five years ago at how many people owned smartphones. Today, almost everyone has one – we’re even buying them for our grandparents so that we can communicate easier with them through text and sharing pictures. Sean predicts the same will happen with how we apply AI to hiring, developing, engaging and retaining talented employees. Technology is disruptive, transformative and revolutionary to organizations and the world around us. Please click the link below to listen to the episode.