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Prove It! Rethinking Learning Measurement (Webinar)

We have entered the age of Big Data. Other parts of our organization now collect and analyze data from inside and outside their four walls, uncovering the secrets to their success – and then there is learning and development. Why is it such a struggle to collect and analyze meaningful data about our learning and learners that will uncover the secret to our success? We feel the tension. Reporting on course completions and grades is no longer enough. Adding up the number of hours someone is in training doesn’t cut it either. We need to go farther and deeper. We must capture data that provides insights into how people are applying their learning and the resulting effect it has on changing the way learners approach their work. Fundamentally, we need to understand the link between learning, behavior and performance. Watch this webinar replay as David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group looks into how do we truly measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our learning and drive breakthrough performance for our learners and the organization.