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Why Women Aren’t Leading Organizations and How to Fix It

Gender equality has long been a challenge for organizations worldwide. In spite of awareness efforts and education a challenging environment still exists for women in the workplace. In the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Women in Leadership Study, only 12% of firms said they see gender parity when it comes to executive roles, and the rest exist in various stages ranging from no female representation in the C-suite to those trying to improve their actual ratio of women executives. 70% of companies have a C-suite that includes 25% or fewer women. During this webinar, Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke and Kelly Watson, Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting, examined the findings and suggested paths for organizations to follow to improve their standing. The bottom line is that while the current state isn’t optimistic, there are opportunities to mitigate the issue and help level the playing field for women in leadership roles across the globe.