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Learner-Centric Programs that Drive Revenue and Power Sales Performance

For organizations with dedicated sales teams, training has often posed a serious challenge. How beneficial is it to pull sales people off the road or off the phone for days at a time and stick them in a class or a course? Sales professionals need timely, relevant learning experiences that enable their work, not interrupt it. Thankfully, a new wave of technology and a resurgence of learner-centric thinking is making that more possible. In this webinar, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Josh Squires, Chief Operating Officer EMEA with Docebo, examined the state of learning today and how we can use technology to create engaging experiences that can provide meaningful engagements for the salesforce. Discussion topics included: • The state of learning technology • Opportunities with social, mobile and informal learning • Creating personalized, relevant experiences • Tying experiences to measureable outcomes • Examples of companies putting these strategies into practice