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Why HR Should Talk to IT, and How to Do it

HR is not becoming a more data-centric profession, it already is. But people data is still data, and the tools we use, the structure of information systems, and the policies and procedures governing proper data usage is relatively consistent regardless of type. Knowing how information is stored, processed, and secured within our organizations is necessary for modern HR professionals, and this webinar helps you understand how interacts with IT, and the best practices for people data governance. Presenters are Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst of Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group, and Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management at SumTotal, a Skillsoft company. Bill has 18 years of experience directly working with human capital data in technology, and has been instrumental in creating modern methodologies for automation, security, and privacy in people data. Content includes: - Core concepts of data governance - Research that shows the importance of proper governance - How systems control the data, and how to use that data across functions - Implications of the relationship between HR and IT in a cloud-based solution - Issues regarding data privacy, and how regulations may affect HR roles in the future