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Picking Learning and Talent Technology to Perfect Your Organization’s Performance

Choosing the right learning or talent management technology is a daunting task. A bad decision could cost an organization immeasurable time and money, not to mention the negative impact on talent development. Our research shows that nearly one out of two organizations are looking to choose another technology provider. Can all this level of dissatisfaction be the fault of only the vendors or are organizations conducting a sub-optimized selection process? Whether an organization is considering keeping its current learning or talent management technology, or exploring the replacement or supplement of its current technology, Brandon Hall Group’s consulting team can provide expert analysis and recommendations. Key take aways from this webinar include: -How to identify the right requirements for choosing a technology? -What are the steps to building impactful use cases? -Why you need to create an RFI? -When do you need to build your implementation and change management plan and what are the key elements?