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Learning’s Big Data Problem: Measuring and Analyzing Impact Part 2 (Webinar)

In our previous webinar, we discussed how organizations are hungrier than ever for more learning data and what to do with the data. The dialogue created many questions from the audience ranging from what data should be collected to setting up a meaningful measurement program. Based on the volume of questions, we are creating an encore discussion to answer many of these questions and review the critical steps to creating and implementing a learning measurement program. Whether you attended the last webinar or not, you will find this webinar extremely helpful in evaluating what type of analytical approaches to use within your organization. David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, and Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, with Brandon Hall Group; and Mike Rustici, Founder and CEO of Watershed (and cofounder of Rustici Software) created this encore presentation. Discussion topics were positioned within the framework of Brandon Hall Group’s Learning Measurement Impact Model. Regardless of where your organization falls on the spectrum of measurement sophistication, this webinar helped you better understand: • Specific areas or categories to be analyzed within your learning department • The varying degrees of complexity within those categories • What type of analytical approaches should be used to deliver desired metrics • Data and technology considerations for setting the right metrics