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Research Spotlight: The Three Most Important Things You Need to Know About Team Development (Webinar)

Team development is a critical component of talent, leadership and learning development within all functions of an organization. With globalization, competitive market environments, product innovation and dispersed workforces, highly productive teams are integral to the success of any organization. Though interest in developing teams is of critical importance to organizations, our research finds that nearly 68% of organizations felt that they were not investing enough time and budget for team development based on their results and only 9% of organizations have a long-term strategy to improve team development What are the three most important things about Team Development? Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst and Dr. Julie Shuman, corporate psychologist, explore the challenges and opportunities in today’s organizations and provide insights in how to create a high-performing team environment. Areas covered: • Strengthening teams to better support business initiatives and anticipated growth • Engagement and continuous improvement • Motivating teams to drive results in a unilateral direction