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Research Spotlight: You Need to Fix Your Employee Engagement Problem…. Before it is Too Late! (Webinar)

Most organizations do not realize how critical it is to have an engaged workforce. Without an engaged workforce, even an organization with the most innovative product, will suffer. Global competition and increased open communications through social media, make having an engaged workforce an imperative. One lapse in customer service or one disgruntled employee can mean multitudes will hear about that matter through Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, and other sites. And, according to the Brandon Hall Group Engagement research, organizations that consider at least 60% of their workforce to be highly engaged are more likely than the others to see over the past year an increase in revenue (63% vs. 49%) and an increase in customer satisfaction (56% vs. 42%). It takes more than an engagement survey and a few events to have an engaged workforce. Brandon Hall Group’s Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, and Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, explored the depth of the engagement problem facing organizations today and how to implement engagement best practices to ensure a high-performing organization. Highlights from Brandon Hall Group’s recent Employee Engagement Practices survey were discussed. Discussion topics included: Scope of engagement issues confronting organizations The impact of a highly engaged workforce Best engagement practices to galvanize your workforce