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Research Spotlight: Removing the Barriers to Women in Leadership (Webinar)

Workplace equality between the sexes has long been a challenge for organizations worldwide. While progress has been made through awareness efforts and education, a challenging environment still exists for women – and especially for women leaders aspiring to executive leadership roles. When respondents to Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Women in Leadership Study were asked to rate their organizations on gender parity, only 12% said they had an equal number of men and women in C-level positions. Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Cooke and Melissa Benavides discuss how cultural biases can create barriers that are limiting to individual women, as well as entire organizations. Are you conscious of what may be holding you back and prohibiting your success or your team’s ability to work together efficiently? Join us to learn how to break down barriers that block women leaders – and their organizations – from achieving greater success. The webinar will leave you with the following takeaways: -- Program examples that successfully address cultural biases within organizations -- Determine the difference between a supportive culture for women leaders versus actionable culture for women leaders -- Methods for implementing essential programs that can lead to transformation change